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Chris Turley is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist living in Montreal, Canada. Born in the United Kingdom into a musical family, he took an interest in the piano and began lessons from an early age. From there, he took up the electric guitar, drums, and voice, and has written his own music throughout the entire process. His first professionally recorded song was produced at the age of 12, receiving praise at the Western Canadian Music Awards.

Throughout the years, he has been involved in many professional bands and musical productions. He has been mentored by many world class musicians and composers, such as Al Joseph, Brodie Mohninger (Brodie Moniker), Joseph Anidjar (Bird Problems), and Gabriel Pietrzak (Visenya) on the guitar, Georges Dimitrov PhD of Concordia University in musical composition and harmony, Jason Valentino in vocals, and Lucas Porter MFA of the Lauber Music Academy on the piano.
He has scored award winning film projects and TV shows. He has also produced music for various podcasts, YouTube channels, and other forms of modern media.

His music involves lush orchestral writing, sensitive pianistic performance, technical guitar playing, and is characterized by a unique and sophisticated harmonic language. His cinematic music is highly influenced by composers such as Chopin, Danny Elfman, Johnny Greenwood, Dario Marianelli, Beethoven, Ludwig Göransson, and Hans Zimmer.

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